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Learn your bike computer month

Learn your bike computer at Yorktown Cycles

We know, every month has some crazy theme, and at times it can get a bit excessive. However, when we heard it was "Learn your computer" month, we thought it would be an excellent occasion for us at Yorktown Cycles to help YOU learn all about your bike computer. So many of us are riding around, completely unaware of just how much our bike computers can do. So this October we encourage you to bring your computer in to Yorktown Cycles, and we'll help you learn just a little more about everything it can do. No charge, no gimmicks, just a simple lesson in hopes that it will help you improve your cycling. Still riding without a bike computer? You should stop in as well - we can help you find the right computer (from simple to advanced) for your riding style.

Want to learn a bit more about bike computers on your own? Take a quick look at our guide to bicycle computers for a good overview on features available. However, a bike computer is something you want to touch (and let's be honest, play around with) before you purchase it, so stop on in for a full guided tour of different models! You'll be surprised by how much you can improve your cycling with a simple tool like a bike computer.