Get motivated with Strava

No matter if you train for racing, personal improvement or general health, motivation often comes at a premium.  Athletes are always looking for something that will push them harder to perform better.  For as long as there have been two wheels, two horses or two feet, competition with others and the desire to beat the next guy have been the primary motivations for training.  This next year you can train with, race against and crush opponents anywhere, anytime. Get yourself a huge dose of Motivation for 2016 with Strava!

Strava’s app does pretty much everything for both cyclists and runners; it’s a fitness tracker and social media tool. You can use it to monitor speed, distance, pace, elevation, and calories, plus it links to external sensors to measure your heart rate or cadence (we can help you with what is compatible). Strava also links to your Facebook profile to showcase your exploits, shows your route along with pre-planned segments and compares your times with other riders via public leaderboards. There are even monthly challenges for rewards and bragging rights.

If you opt for a premium Strava membership, you can filter leaderboards by weight and age (don’t be surprised if some guy in his late sixties is crushing it), set weekly mileage or speed goals, get performance results on the fly and stalk your friends and other riders since you can see who’s out and about. Another premium feature, the “Suffer Score” analyzes your heart rate to see how hard you pushed yourself. If so inclined you can check out training videos and use Strava store discounts. It even works with Android wear, letting you use it to control the app without pulling your phone out — handy if you don’t have a phone mount or trust those silly rubber bands.

With recent updates — to the Strava app and to Android OS, meaning Lollipop — some of the kinks are still being worked out. On the bright side, Strava just partnered with Fitbit, meaning you can integrate your full fitness stats and sleep patterns with your run and/or ride data.

Stop in and ask us for our favorite apps we use to keep motivated both on and off the bike!